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3/16" Radius Rounding Over Bit

Freud Rounding Over Bits have so many uses that they are indispensable in any shop. Use them to make moldings, doors and drawers, "soften" sharp edges of parts, and so many other tasks. Most of these bits also feature Freud's unique Quadra-Cut design for flawless finish in cross-grain applications. To get more use from your bits, equip the bits with a bearing that is 1/8" smaller in diameter to create a beading profile. Use them in CNC, hand-held and table mounted routers to cut hardwood, softwood, plywood and composites.

(34-108, 1/4" Shank, 7/8" Cut Dia, 3/16" Radius, 1/2" Cut Length, 2-3/16" OAL DF Roundover Bit w/ Bottom Bearing

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