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3-1/2" (Dia.) Raised Panel Bit (Quadra-Cut)

Freud's huge selection of Raised Panel Bits are ideal for creating raised panels for doors, drawer fronts and paneling, as well as decorative tops, plaques and molding. All of these bits feature revolutionary Quadra-Cutdesign combining two small wings that cut downward to shear the top edge for a splinter-free surface, and two large wings that shear upward for a smooth finish. As you select your bit, note that some bits feature a 1/2" carbide height for use in 5/8" thick panels, and others have a 5/8" carbide height for 3/4" thick panels. Use raised panel bits in table-mounted routers with a fence to rout hardwood or softwood panels.

(99-518, 1/2" Shank, 3-1/2" Cut Dia, 5/8" Cut Length, 2-1/2" OAL 4F Raised Panel Bit

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